The Stretch
10m x 15m & 10m x 5m stretch tents

Our newest addition to the funky fleet of tents are the greatly versatile Stretch tents. Before this tent had even hit our web pages it was a popular choice with our clients. The nature of a Stretch Tent means that you can put them almost any where with little restriction when it comes to the normal considerations of erecting a tent, such as level ground or obstacles. A modern relative to our classic Ouled Nail Bedouin tent, the Stretch tent can offer a larger capacity while keeping the essence of the Bedouin feel. Another advantage to the Stretch tent is that it can be used as a canopy on the days of the year we all crave. If the weather is not as nice as hoped then the tent can still be heated with just two sides down giving a wonderful sense of space, connection with the outdoors while remaining dry and warm. The smaller 10m x 5m tent is great as a party or chill-out tent on it's own, or used as an extention for the larger 10m x 15m tents.

Great for an intimate wedding or party, extra seating space, a dance and bar area or chill-out space. Also fabulous for garden parties, naming ceremonies or dinner parties.

This tents works a little differently to our others as you have the option of having sides up or down, altering the usable space inside. Take a look at our guide and plans to see what would work for you.


82 Guests

90 Guests

104 Guests

Please browse our printable PDF seating plans as a guide to our 10m x 15m Stretch Tents. If you have your own ideas of furnishings or how you would like to arrange please get in touch.

Don't be overwhelmed!

We have a handy tips page for planning an event in a tent with a printable checklist to minimise the chance of forgetting something, just click on the button below.

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