Plan your event
Tips on organising an event in a tent!

Planning an outdoor event can be daunting and we understand that it can be hard to know where to start. We've put together a few things to think about to try and make the process easier.

Print out our handy check list to help you:
Check List

Plan early to ensure you get what you want.
Considerations include what sort of feel are you looking for? Formal or informal?
Options could include:

  • Farms
  • Officail venue
  • Cricket or social club
  • Vineyard
  • Scout or guide group campsites
  • Your own home

We have some friends with great locations on our links page if you need a heads up, but we are happy to help make further suggestions should you be struggling to find something suitable - get in touch!

Well, we can probably help with that one!

For us, or any company for that matter, it is helpful to know the condition of the site and where you want to put the tents. Vehicle access is also important but a stie visit will iron out all of these things so just get in touch!

Is very important in several ways as there are so many variables involved. Depending on the venue you choose, number of guests and size of tent you may need a separate catering tent for them to work in. If you are doing it yourself or getting your guests involved have take a look at our accessories page to see our great fire bowls for BBQ's and pizza ovens. We love the atmosphere created by an event where everyone is involved it can help add something special. However this is not suitable for every event so...

Some questions you may need to ask your caterers:
  • How much space do you need for the equipment?
    - The answer to this will determine if a catering tent is required and if so the size.
  • Do you supply your own tent if one is needed?
    Some caterers provide their own so can be one less thing to worry about.
  • Do you need a water supply?
    - This can be tricky and will depend on the venue you choose for the marquee.
  • How much equipment areyou using, i.e. what are the power requirments?
    - This will have a major impact on the size of the generator you will need.

Do you need a bar?
You may want to have either a free bar run by yourselves or catering staff or one where guests pay. If you choose to sell alcohol, whoever is running it needs a license. Again you need to think about:

  • Size & space
    - Will you need an extra tent?
  • Power
    - Again thinking of items the bar would need to run like fridges. If you are using a company to supply a bar the will be able to advise you on what you need to provide.

Generators these days are super silent and are powered by diesel or bio-diesel fuels. They are readily available to hire for numerous companies. The size of the generator usually depends on if your cater will be cooking on gas or electric appliances. A typical generator size suitable for an event with around 100-150 guests 20-45 KVA, but all your suppliers will be able to tell you their power requirements which you can then pass on to whoever you hire your generator from and they will advise what size you will need.

You may wish to consider a mains power feed as this is the most cost effective and reliable way to power your event if you have a power supply within 100m of your tent. Advantages of this are that it allows appliances such as fridges to be left on for days before. It is very important that this is installed a qualified person to avoid overloading and potentially leathal accidents.

Whether you are drafting in a planner or styler for your event or doing it DIY you may need to source some accessories. We have some to start you off so take a look at our accessories page for more information.

Chill-out area or kids crash tent
Every occasion benefits from a chill-out tent to escape from the crowd for a moment to relax. This type of tent is a perfect place for the kids or young hearted adults to crash out. Furnished with lots of comfy cushions it provides a safe haven in view of the main event. Our ouled nail is perfect for this due to the Bedouin style however any of our tents can be transformed in to great chill-out spaces. Click on any of the tent icons above to see them in more detail.

Over night
You may want to party until dawn but should your feet grow weary we can supply accommodation for yourselves and guests in either unfurnished or simply furnished bell tents. This village style accommodation gives a hassel free solution and we can arrange to take bookings on an individual basis. Click here for more information.

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