Meet the team

About us..

The business began with a single 18’ tipi which created such a buzz when we put it up that it was clear there was a demand for the hire of great and unusual structures for parties and other social gatherings.
So Mark purchased another tipi, the alachigh and ouled nail. After a very successful first two years trading the number of tents demand for a larger space was the obvious next step.

The grand pavilion was purchased followed by a sea of bell tents and the business continues to grow. We hope to continue to add tents and services to enrich what we offer customers.

Our team

Mark 'Monkey' - Founder & Partner

Mark started the business after seeking a change in career from being tree surgeon for nearly 20 years. Mark likes: real ale, cheese, trees, gadgets, tents, stonewash jeans, tulips, potato salad, rugby, bluebells, an ebay bargain, doughnuts, boats, cheese & pickle sandwiches, axes, cooking, knots, keeping busy, ska, single malt, spy novels and black coffee. Mark dislikes: fly tippers, rice pudding, doing car mechanics, football, shopping, loosing keys, when technology doesn't work and an empty cheese box.

Hannah - Partner

Hannah gave up her job to raise their family and help Mark grow the business. Hannah likes: the colour green, wild mushrooms, cotton dresses, Stevie Wonder, robots, summer rain, stripes, butter, tea, lino cuts, stone, childrens laughter - especially Milly & Hattie's, cooking, drawing, French films, autumn sunshine, bees, outdoor bowls, elegant chairs, Clarice Cliff, cheese with jam and sleeping. Hannah dislikes: Loud noises, busy places, packaging, cold callers, half open draws, tinned tuna, litter, sticky fingers, blunt knives and licking envelopes.

Dan - Crew Leader

Dan is an integral part of the team heading up the crew on many setups. His hardworking and perfectionist attitude gives clients a top notch sevice. He has an aray of skills which he has picked up from global travels. Dan likes: football, globes, cheese, skydiving. Dan dislikes: big logs.

Russell - Crew

Russell has worked with us for a few years now, bringing valuble skills to the job. Russell likes: maps, London, physics, cheese, Sherlock Holmes, fish pie. Russell dislikes: idle chit-chat, jazz clarinet.

James - Crew

James works with us on a seasonal basis in between his university study. He has an enviable professionalism for such a young man.

You? - Crew

Fancy working for us, give us a call on 01582 842669 or send your CV to info@funkymonkeytents.co.uk